Rhythm has always been a quintessential facet of Carnatic music, and in the modern young generation of percussionists,Swaminathan selvaganesh no other than the grandson of Vikku Vinakram  has mastered the intricacies and the laya endowments of the Khanjira to such a degree.
Well known as a Carnatic artiste, Swaminathan Selvaganesh is one of the premiere performers of the Khanjira.
Swaminathan Selvaganesh is also a major force in Tamil film making circles, composing songs in a beguiling mixture of genres, from folk to hip-hop to romantic ballads, and backed by a wide array of players from all over the world.He has acquired Konnakal in which he sings percussion syllables vocally in South Indian music.
He believes that music is very powerful and a common language as he may not understand what other singers sing, but he can get along with them through his instrument and techniques. Swaminathan Selvaganesh, like his father, is known for mixing songs of different genres using a small Kanjira and making sure that it reaches out to the world.Recently he has collaborated with guitar virtuoso Bobby Rozario in creating sound which brings elements of Carnatic rhythms to hindustani classical and western jazz.